The South Chilterns Beekeepers’ Association  (or SCBKA for short), currently has members in an area of the South Chilterns bounded by the Thames to the South and the M40 to the North. We are a well-established group of beekeepers interested in the promotion of beekeeping and the preservation of the Honey Bee. We have members from all walks of life, and whilst some of us are complete beginners we are fortunate to have a number of very experienced beekeepers with a wealth of experience who are willing to share their knowledge about practical beekeeping.

With an Association Apiary set in the beautiful South Oxfordshire countryside we are able to offer our members practical courses and demonstrations of beekeeping, using docile, near native bees.

We also hold monthly educational, entertaining and fun winter meetings in the Woodcote Village Hall (RG8 0QY).  Our summer meetings are held at various locations within our membership area.


Whether or not you have your own bees, we welcome new members from the towns and villages in the area shown below.

Bee Starvation Alert

The NBU has issued the following alert:

Beekeepers may wish to monitor their colony food levels closely over the next month as many colonies, particularly those which are strong and had their spring honey crop removed, will be at risk of starving. In some parts of the UK, the weather is still cold and foraging opportunities for large colonies are few and far between. It is important to check and monitor all your colonies feed levels, if you do not wish to open them up because of poor weather, lift below the floor, in turn, on both sides of the hive to see how much it weighs. Where the hive is light, liquid feed should be applied directly above the bees. Feed can be prepared from refined white sugar and water mixed at a 2:1 ratio or one of the proprietary ready mixed syrups available from Beekeeping equipment suppliers. More information about mixing up sugar can be found in the Best Practice Guidelines no. 7

Large starving colonies of bees will take 1 gallon (approx. 5 Litres) of syrup very quickly while smaller colonies will take half a gallon (approx. 2.5 Litres). After feeding, heft the hives again and check the weight and if in doubt feed some more in a few days.

Reg's Report
Since I last wrote the weather been in fits and starts and the bees managed to get a bit in and some people have got a small crop.
Now the weather has completely gone pear shaped just as the main crops are coming into flower,it does not look very promising at the moment.
Swarming was not as bad as last year and it seems to be over but still keep a check on them and make sure they have enough room.
We have had some interesting things happen at the association apiary (you should have been there) but it is all back in shape now,we are doing bee improvement in conjunction with Summer Experience.
Let's hope we all get a crop and I will keep in touch.

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