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“Are you concerned about the health of your Bees or would just like some reassurance that all is well?”

We have 3 experienced beekeepers who have completed the National Bee Unit’s training on Bee Health and can check your bees are healthy.

They hold test kits for the 2 notifiable diseases AFB and EFB.

Bee Health Advisor role. 

SCBKA Bee Health Advisor contact details:

John    White           07866457578           Pangbourne area           <[email protected]>

Linda    Clarke        01491 613329          Watlington area             <[email protected]>

Steve    Radford      0118 9402736          Wargrave area               <[email protected]>

National Bee Unit - Seasonal Bee Inspectors [SBIs]: with statutory powers 

North of Wallingford :   Phil Spillane      07775 119 470      email : [email protected]

South of Wallingford :  Dan Etheridge    07979 119 376      email : [email protected]

American Foul Brood (AFB)

The larva has melted into a stringy goo. This is indicative of AFB

European Foul Brood (EFB)

The larva is discoloured, not pearly white, and has shrunk away from the cell walls.